This is a group based in Leiden, Netherlands, for the study of the body organisation which underpins correct movement and power generation in traditional Japanese martial arts. Our “internal strength” study follows the Aunkai Bujutsu training method developed in Japan by Akuzawa Minoru Sensei.


As this method of training does not rely on conventional muscular strength but on a set of exercises to progressively develop whole body connection, alignment and power, it is open to anyone who has an interest in the subtleties of internal martial arts and their numerous practical applications regardless of their background or level.

Photo by Pierre Sivisay


Aunkai Bujutsu was founded by Akuzawa Minoru Sensei in Tokyo, Japan in 2003.

Akuzawa Sensei began practicing martial arts at a very young age. He has extensively studied a variety of traditional and modern Chinese and Japanese martial arts, including Hsing I/Xing Yi, Tai Chi, Sanda, Yagyu Shingan Ryu, Daito Ryu Aikijutsu, and others, and gained extensive and successful competition experience. Over time and through periods of intensive and personal study with highly skilled teachers, Akuzawa Sensei has turned his focus away from the training of forms and techniques, to focus on a specific type of body conditioning that enables techniques to emerge freely at any given moment.

The method is divided into three complementary parts:

  • Solo Tanren to create the frame of the body and internal connections

  • Partner training (Kunren) to get feedback on the frame created

  • Applications

(source https://hkbujutsu.com/aunkai/)

Watch this video to learn more about Aunkai and its founder Akuzawa Minoru Sensei:



Every Thursday 19:30 - 21:30 (during school term)

Where? (during school term)

Basisschool Lucas van Leyden

Sint Ursulasteeg 28

2312 XA Leiden, The Netherlands

Next Class

2nd July 2020 19:00-20:30 at Leidse Hout (outdoor training)

Contact us to book your free trial class!

Photo by Pierre Sivisay


All instructors are experienced martial arts practitioners and are direct students of Aunkai's founder Akuzawa Minoru Sensei and his senior Aunkai "Hanshi" instructors (Manabu Watanabe, Robert John), and regularly attend their international seminars or invite them for special worskshop in Leiden (see Seminars section)


4th Dan Iwama Shinshin Aikido

3rd Dan Kendo

2nd Dan Iaido (Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei)


1st Dan Iwama Shinshin Aikido

With Aunkai founder Akuzawa Minoru Sensei during the intensive seminar in Switzerland, August 2019


With Manabu Watanabe Hanshi, Leiden, Netherlands, September 2019


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